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This Elegant Marble Floor Shines Like Never Before Thanks to a Stone Polishing in Springfield, Missouri

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February 15, 2017

A couple from Springfield, MO had a big, gorgeous foyer in their home. The entrance hall had elaborate doors and windows, and an elegant white, veined marble floor with a rectangular medallion installed just in front of the entrance door. The beauty of the floor and the elegance of the overall design captured the eye of everyone who entered the house.

Before and After Picture of a Marble Floor Stone Polishing Service in Springfield, MO

The Springfield homeowners loved their marble floor; nevertheless, one day they realized it could use a touch-up since the medallion, which was custom-made in Italy just for their foyer, had never been properly polished. When the inset was installed, the homeowners noticed that the marble had a very matte finish compared to the white marble tiles of the floor. However, instead of polishing, they decided to use a topical coating that would give the appearance of a high gloss polished floor, and it would help the medallion match the rest of the polished marble flooring that surrounded it.

The couple had previously hired our stone polishing services in Springfield for their marble countertops in their master bathroom and kitchen. They revisited with the local owner of Sir Grout SW Missouri to see if they could make this custom-made medallion naturally shine as it was intended to.

On the day of the consultation, our team of hard surface restoration experts went to the Springfield property and performed a thorough inspection of the marble floor. Upon inspection, our team concluded that the medallion could be properly polished without a problem, and recommended that the white marble around the inset needed to be polished and properly sealed to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

When a highly soft natural stone like marble is not sealed regularly, it becomes exposed to stains, etching, water damage, and scratches that can cause the stone to lose its shine. Fortunately, Sir Grout SW Missouri had a solution for the family: we assured them that a stone polishing service could restore their floor and make it look brand new again. The family agreed without a second thought.

The experts of Sir Grout later returned to the property to start the restoration process. First and foremost, the team masked and protected the areas around the marble surface such as the walls, baseboards, and doors this is to prevent the polishing tools from damaging the surroundings. Once everything was secured, our experts thoroughly cleaned and prepped the floor for the polishing process; an essential process to obtain the desired, polished results. Then, they applied different polishing powders with a buffer to bring out the stone's sheen. Finally, they buffed and sealed the entire stone floor to protect it from future damage.

Thanks to its natural structure, marble can take a very high polish compared to other natural stones. Sir Grout's advanced and professional techniques performed by our specialists successfully brought the shine back to this beautiful marble floor. The black, rectangular medallion stood out more than ever thanks to the polishing job. The homeowners were really impressed with the results. The new, shiny marble floor revamped the whole appearance of the foyer.

Before leaving, our experts gave the homeowners some care tips and recommendations to maintain the marble floor. They advised them to never use a steel wool or any other abrasive tool to clean the surface, since they can scratch and dull the surface. Also, spills of any kind of liquid must be clean up immediately to prevent stains. Last but not least, they strongly recommended to avoid acid-based cleaners to clean the floor marble is sensitive to acidic substances, they etch and dull the stone and to use a pH-neutral cleaner instead.

If you want your marble floor to look as shiny as the one of these Springfield residents, a stone polishing service is your best option. At Sir Grout SW Missouri, we offer quality services to clean, restore, or polish natural stones or any other kind of hard surface. Call us at (417) 522-1010 or fill in the "Request a Quote" form on this page to set up a date for free, in-home consultation today!

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